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About us

We, at Nexart focus on providing efficient and cost-effective software solutions to drive your growth. Our full-stack web developers are at your disposal and ready to create data-driven and responsive web applications. We develop your project by implementing the latest technologies to deliver a modern and unique solution whatever your requirements. 

We understand customer satisfaction.

At Nexart, we take the long view, building trust by delivering robust technology solutions that stand the test of time. Our team is vastly experienced in a wide range of business processes. Armed with this experience, our goal is simply to make your business processes more efficient and thus enable your business to become more effective and competitive. 

we recognize the value in meeting deadlines.

Our project managers are highly qualified developers in designing business systems and know all about managing project critical paths to minimize disruption to your business, as well as being able to recommend the right technology solution to maximize the return on investment.

Our Products

Vision Stack

Vision Stack comprises of our products based on image processing which are currently in development under Nexart that have been designed to help the security sector as well as modeled for community development to help people in need and social impacts.


Wisiun is a grid-based image processing system currently in development under Nexart to employ real-time city-wide search for people with criminal records. 


'Eyewey' is an affordable solution developed under Nexart to help people with near or complete blindness to not only feel their surroundings but also to recognize the objects in front of them. 'Eyewey' has been selected to be one of the winners of the Maán Incubator Program under the Authority of Social Contribution, Abu Dhabi. 

Business Stack

Business Stack consists of a collection business solutions which were bootstrapped under Nexart. Each of these solutions have been designed and built to stand alone and serve specific areas of business as well as to work collectively to bring better efficiency and growth for the customer’s business. 


LiteBox is a simple web app to allow for easy transfer of files and also simplify his/her business by helping the recipient to download and keep a proper track record on files received inside litebox.


ioMessenger is a native social commerce mobile application currently being built under Nexart and showcases the networking aspect of ioBusiness Stack. The application has been designed to cater the MSME sector and primarily focuses on enhancing B2C relations.


ioBusiness is a Cloud-based Accounting ERP Solution designed and built by Nexart and showcases the management aspect of ioBusiness Stack. ioBusiness provides a complete management solution for enterprises of all types and sizes. The platform also provides features to enhance networking, mainly for B2B enterprises.  


ioListings is a free online listing platform for enterprises to list and promote their profiles at zero cost and showcases the marketing aspect of ioBusiness Stack.   

our services

Bespoke Software Development

New start-up or venture on the horizon? Let us help you with the most challenging aspect of starting a business: Developing your software application.

Business Solutions

We have extensive experience in developing back-office systems to manage products, categories, customers, orders, invoices and so on.

Web Development

Our expertise spreads from E-commerce, to professional service websites and we understand what has to go into a site to meet both yours, and the customer’s needs.

Mobile App Development

Nexart offers a fully-managed mobile app development service, with a dedicated project manager and full access to our technical resources.

Media & Online Marketing

Our work is well balanced between biddable media and earned media solidly supported on a foundation of data and insights. We don’t rely on off-the-shelf thinking.

Bespoke Software
Design / Development / Support 85%
Database Systems
Data Migration / Reporting / Web Access 80%
Legacy Systems
Modern Software / Tech Support / Cloud-Based 40%
Web Design
PHP / HTML / JavaScript / Laravel / Vue 80%
Mobile App Development
Android / IOS 75%
Branding & Marketing
SEO / PPC / Social / Content Marketing 80%


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