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About us

We, at Nexart focus on providing efficient and cost-effective software solutions to drive your growth. We take the long view, building trust by delivering robust technology solutions that stand the test of time. Our mission is to allow our customers to achieve their digital transformation goals more effectively and to meet their business demands through the use of artificial intelligence, and modern cloud platforms. We help develop powerful software that drives digital transformation, improves business efficiency and encourages business growth .

Our Products

Ai & deep learning


The Eyewey Mobile Application uses our custom architecture for visual recognition Nexart based on decentralized cloud computing along with AI and Deep Learning to help people with complete visual impairment recognize objects around them. Eyewey has been incubated under Ma'an - Authority of Social Contribution, Abu Dhabi.

Networking & Media


Litebox is a membership platform by NEXART that makes it really easy for creators/Artists whether you’re into film, photography, music, or any other type of art to start their big ideas or simply get paid for their skillsets. We are using the idea of collaboration inspired from the Media Platform HITRECORD. If not for collaboration we wouldn’t have aspiring movies or great innovation. Our platform allows Creators/Artists to start their projects as Workrooms, subdivide them into Tasks and Collaborate with other creators to finish these tasks assigned to these respective workrooms and generate more creative content.

ongoing projects

Business Management


Hyloca is a hyper-local cloud-based order management & networking platform that can help small enterprises to move into the digital platform and also understand their markets in real-time, know the best pricing strategy and expand their distribution network and thus generate more demand and upto 20% more revenue.


Hylocali is the supporting platform for Hyloca allowing to connect small enterprises with their customers digitally and helping them to create efficient distribution networks hyper-locally. Hylocali projects itself as a ecommerce platform with an ad-manager tool to help small enterprises grow.


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