Leveraging Social and Business Networking Sites

leveraging social and business networking sites

Leveraging Social and Business Networking Sites

How do you feel when people share your social media posts? Awesome, right? Really, leveraging social media sites is a skill. And like all other skills, it requires a little strategy and a lot of practice to perfect.

We all want to be the go-to person with the latest news, the most intriguing viral content, or the best hidden gems followers wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Here’s a roadmap to leveraging social media networking sites which can be accessed through few tips discovered through my experience.


Tips for Leveraging Social Networking Sites

  1. Interaction and information sharing are key features of these sites. Do not use blatant or aggressive marketing techniques. Do not spam – do not send messages in bulk. Communicate to individual users.
  2. Create a profile about yourself and your products or services in an unobtrusive way. Include links to your website. Make your profile keyword rich with keywords from your topic. Remember you need to use a soft sell approach.
  3. Your signature should include your name, website URL, tagline or short mission statement, and other contact information.
  4. Find quality connections. Think about your target audience and the types of people you want to connect with. Social networking sites often allow you to search for connections by age, gender, geographic location, interests and so on. When you find a new connection, look for additional connections in his or her network.
  5. Once you have found potential connections ask them to become part of your network. You can do this by: sending a friend-request, posting relevant and interesting comments on their pages, returning comments on your page with relevant ones on the commentator’s page, and when contacting someone, sending a private message and leaving a comment on her or his page.
  6. Make sure other possible connections can find you. Make your page appealing.
  7. Update the content on your page regularly.
  8. Set time aside to respond to other people’s comments.

Creating a great social media presence isn’t only about showing the value of your product or service to your audience. It’s about connection and experiences.


Writing the post that will get attention and clicks on LinkedIn is much different than what works on Facebook, which is dramatically different than what works on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. So I propound those tips which results in more desirable profits than expected.