Is the PPC Still profitable and good for future growth in digital marketing?

Pay Per Click can be considered a short term solution in terms of driving website traffic, which will help you bring in tons of qualified visitors when managed correctly. You basically pay a third party site (say Google) to post your ads on their website.

  1. Still Profitable?

Depending on your present conditions and goals, you need to decide what does your business need:

Do you need traffic?

Do you need conversions?

Does your website have the content needed for conversions?

Are you confident your sales team can handle leads well?

Answering questions like these will help you understand which strategy you have to pick, when and why.

The idea is that if a company spends enough time and budget on keyword research, bid management, keyword match type, clever targeting, site links, negative keyword removal and scheduling, they’ll get a good amount of qualified visitors that are very interested in their services. If enough budget is spent on ads, the tactic will produce rather satisfying results.

On the downside, the value of PPC ends there. It does not guarantee that visitors will convert on your website, or that they will ever become one of your customers, unless you have high quality, top notch content and design to encourage conversions and purchases.

What this technically means is that Pay Per Click is a good, short term solution for getting highly qualified website traffic for a company that has pretty damn good infrastructure (compelling content and intuitive design mainly) to advance the visitors in their buyer’s journey.

It won’t take too long either: your website visits will grow like mushrooms in a forest on a rainy day.


  1. Good for Future Growth in Digital Marketing?

Honestly this is a very broad question and the answer depends on a lot of other variables.

The short answer is yes, any marketing channels when used correctly can be good for future growth of a business.

However, the longer answer is that before jumping into PPC (or any other channels) you have to ask yourself if it is the right thing for your business. More specifically, do you think you can find customers on there without exceeding your budget . The best way to find that out is of course to just ask your potential customers what they would do when they need a business such as yours. Do most of them go and search on Google? Then you should invest in Google AdWords. Or do they just buy the first thing they see on Facebook? If so then go for Facebook Ads. Etc.

But that’s only the first part: reaching customers. To ensure future growths, you have to make sure they actually give you money AND return for more in the future, both of which cannot be decided by PPC alone but rely on your products, prices and customer services.