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We are a team founded through a belief that bold challenging creativity supported by strategic thinking can make a big impact in the modern IT world. As a team of creative thinkers, we stay ahead of the curve, pushing boundaries to create memorable and results-driven work. Our agile and down to earth approach brings us close to our clients, partnering with them to create and deliver as one team.

The Company

Being one of the industry’s best product development firms, we focus on cutting-edge innovations, use rigorous systems and efficient workflows to enable phased delivery for better control and visibility of products . Nexart was started in 2017 and has been bootstrapped by its owners with a focus of providing new, efficient and creative business solutions. We, at Nexart helps businesses develop and launch products that can compete in dynamic, competitive markets. While we thrived on trumping up user engagement through noticeable design, we knew that businesses would prosper with more secure, customised digital communications products. So we built Eyewey and Litebox. Eyewey is an assistive technology which primarily uses visual recognition to help the visually impaired to navigate and understand the world around them. We have been able to create a unique framework for Eyewey by combining Image Recognition and Deep-Learning to generate Visual AI allowing the app to learn for itself, and make itself better for the visually impaired user. Litebox is a collaboration platform that makes it really easy for creators/Artists whether you’re into film, photography, music, or any other kind of art to start their big ideas or simply get paid for their skillsets.

Meet Our Team

Here are some of our key personnel.

Nandu Jith

Founder & CEO

Product Architect 

Visakh G S


Product Development

Gokul S L

Accounting & Finance

Ajin V W

IT Consulting & Strategist

Every startup originates from an idea, but an idea cannot work alone. The funding and mentorship are inevitable for executing an idea of a start-up. For us, that mentorship was provided by Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an which was established by Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi for Eyewey. Among the ten global startup as competitors, We became the first Indian startup to be incubated under Ma’an Social Incubator and Accelerator. We were also honoured to receive mentorship from the Zayed Higher Organisation and the Emirates Association for the Blind, who further guided us on improving our product. We have completed the incorporation of Nexart under ADGM as Nexart Ltd and attained the commercial license.


Apart from the recognition for Eyewey, we have also been nominated as one of the top ten startups globally in June 2020 in the CovHack Challenge held in Dubai. It is held by Stratecis in conjunction with United Nations and Government of Dubai for our financial technology prototype named Hyloca. Hyloca is a hyper local order management and networking platform to be launched by the end of 2020. On the other hand, we constantly working on other proprietary ideas and also becoming more and more interested in developing our own online products and platforms.

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