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As of 2019, there are more than 285 M+ people from around the world suffering from any one type of visual impairment according to WHO. And 30 M+ people from around the world suffer from near or complete blindness. There is a steady lack of technology in the market focused at helping this group of people.


ioptyc is an assistive technology which utilizes a combination of visual recognition technology and distance judgement systems to help the visually impaired navigate and understand the world around them. 


The project which has two parts, the smartphone app and a special glove, was one of the winning projects in the Ma’an Social Incubator programme of Abu Dhabi on 11th September 2019, that aims to support people of determination.

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    ioptyc App: The ioptyc app provides visual recognition of objects in front of the user who is visually impaired and notifies by announcing the name of the object over the headphones.


    ioptyc Glove: The glove comprises of two ultrasonic sensors which notifies the user with vibrations from the buzzer. The sensors are capable of detecting up to 2m and the intensity of vibrations vary with distance of the object from the user thereby giving a feel of the distance of the object from the user.

    About Maán

    MSI is a social innovation program and one of the pillars of Ma’an that brings together individuals and organizations to enable them to create innovative solutions to social challenges.


    Since it was launched in May this year, 130 ventures applied for the Ma’an Social Incubator programme. Some entries were submitted from as far as Brazil, Denmark, France, Nigeria and India.

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