systems integration

Nexart can better connect your existing systems, or create a single new program to operate across departments and on multiple operating systems.

Is Your Software Cobbled Together? Integrate Your Systems!

Most company systems are a patchwork of solutions running across different departments that rely on data from each other in order to progress customer orders or create management reports.


These systems are usually discrete and separate applications – sometimes with additional bolt-on features – that have been added over time to accommodate the changing business.


The problem with this sort of inter-dependent mish-mash of software is that productivity and reliability can often suffer due to the number of processes being performed by the different software, and the need for many people to be involved to coax out the desired goals.


Nexart can streamline your business processes and release a productivity boost, typically around 30%, depending on how inefficient your systems have become.


Systems Integration allows the workload to be better automated, reduces processing time and human input error, while increasing overall efficiency.


Our software specialists will look at your existing systems and suggest how improvements can be made – whether that means developing bespoke software to better connect your existing systems, or the creation of a single new program which operates across all departments.

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