Wisiun is a grid-based facial recognition software for real-time tracking of individuals of interest through the use of cctv cameras.

Wisiun is an affordable facial recognition software currently being developed under Nexart with a focus on national security.

Wisiun is capable of performing real-time facial recognition on targeted personnel who faces are pre-loaded in to the software with minimum operating power. This is achieved by adhering to the concept of decentralized cloud whereby the model training of faces are done and stored locally. Each of the grids are connected to each other and the data is shared with each network.  

Wisiun is capable of extracting a 3D image from a single 2D image and use it as the training set for creation of facial models of individuals. It also mirrors a screen allowing it to perform facial recognition of up to 6 cameras without connecting directly to the camera live feed. This allows for use of low-cost microprocessors to be used for detection of faces and also the ability for the system to be easily integrated into the existing surveillance framework. Wisiun also allows for mapping of location of each cameras to allow for tracking of each individuals. 

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